how did paul walker die?

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The 40-year-old Paul Walker was found dead along with his friend and financial adviser Rodas on 30 Nov in a burnt out Porsche Carrera GT in Los Angeles.

The coroner’s report said Walker died of the combined effects of thermal and wounding injuries while the motorist, Rodas, died of multiple traumatic injuries. Alcohol or no drugs were found in either of the men.

The examiner for the LA coroner, Kristy McCracken, described how the car was driving at unsafe speed headed east.

“The car then hit the pavement, and the driver’s aspect struck a sapling and a light post. The force of these wrecks caused the car to spin 180 degrees also it continued traveling east,” the record states.

“The passenger side of the car then struck a tree, and it then burst into flames.”

The coroner stated the Porsche was uncovered “totaled with significant traffic collision injury all about and it seemed that the car was almost split in half.” The report identified no signs of foul play.

Walker was still shooting scenes for Fast. The picture is expected to be introduced later this season.

Let’s go deeper into the mystery.

It was a cool Sunday on the Atlanta established of Fast and the Furious 7 and Paul Walker‘s head was already on his charity function, though the cast wouldn’t scatter for a week long Christmas break for another 48 hours.

During a down instant, Walker collected a couple of castmates for a fast photo. With a message meant for disaster relief business Touch Base World-Wide, the photo (above) might become the last he’d deliver from a film set-to his 9.2 thousand-buff Facebook page.

Tuesday came, and the group decamped, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who tweeted a lively “farewell-to-Atl” in the airplane; in the forthcoming days, other castmates would post dozens of photos of friends, food, and family.

For Paul Walker, that also loved his race family.

Unlike his seven costars, Walker wasn’t flying off to escape from supercars performing points that are dangerous that are obscene. They were being flown to by him.

Notice photographs: 25 Walker Film Roles


Walker proved to be a real speed-demon — a gear-head a rubber, -ripping race-car- driving adrenaline junkie — long before “ some of its Mega or The Quickly – sequels gave him enough money to afford fix that is most expensive is ’sed by the world.

I have always been into cars,” Walker recently told Entertainment Today in a dialogue heavy on his household although mild on movies’ hot-rodding streak. “Growing up with all the auto magazines at home,  going to my grandpa’s shop … he was the first to break 160 mph with the Kia Falcon in the evening, which was a big deal.”

Walker was the reason he was in the “ Fast” movies in the first place.

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Although he’d have a modest Artist-run in motion pictures and Television, his career got a turbo-boost in 2000, when Common had the brilliant idea of putting a bona fide auto man in its 2001 car film “The Fast and the Furious.”

“Universal stumbled on me with a newspaper article about street racing in L.A. and that I used to be like ‘Are you joking me? I spent my youth doing that right off Peoria in Sunshine Pit,’” he told Engine Trend in a meeting earlier in 2013. Easily wanted to take action “They inquired. I had been like Fuck, although there was nothing although there wasn’t also a script yes, I’d like to take action!’”


Walker was in good spirits when he arrived Sunday morning at the Santa Clarita warehouse of Always Evolving, the exotic sports-car company by which he’d a sizable position. The store was bustling with a toy generate that also helped Touch Base World Wide, Walker’s network of calamity relief first-responders, which he was now newly grappling and developed four years ago with the aftermath of the Philippines storm.

Attendees said Walker appeared confused at the answer — the Reach Out Global Face-Book page reported over 300 individuals attending — and spent his time chatting with fans and workers. Right before two p.m., Reach Out delivered a tweet holding the event a triumph:
Subsequently, about an hr later, a little sign of difficulty: one among the store’s individuals that are many prized started acting up.

That got Walker’s attention.


“I’m a speed devil; the interviewer was advised by ” Walker back in-May.

She inquired how rapid he’s traveled in an automobile before.

See video: Paul Walker’s Death: 5 of the Celebrity’s Early Television Characters

“Just under 200. I did 197. I only haven’t broken 200 yet, which is driving me mad! I’ll take action; it a matter of finding the appropriate car. Every car I’ve h-AS plenty of power for that and everything — it’s just aerodynamics.”

Asked whether his car that was his favorite was something vintage, Walker swerved clear of the loaded issue.

“I enjoy old-school things, but I’m more of a performance guy,” he said. I enjoy modern day engineering. I enjoy going quickly. And I like ”


always.evolving.babiesAlways Evolving were submitting photos of its autos on its Facebook page all evening – a Ford GTO, a racing Mustang, a Maserati, and of course a Ferraris– but maybe none more eye-popping than the fire engine red Porsche Carrera GT, an out-of-production two-chair supercar the company obtained only this spring for more than $350K.

“Our babies!” the caption read and smack in the middle was the Carerra (right), a remote relative to the Porsche 550 Spyder that James Dean crashed some 58 years ago in Salinas.

Praised as “the greatest Porsche ever built,” the Carerra features a 612-horsepower V 10, a peaceful beast caged in a lightweight carbon-fiber spend; collectively they are capable of hitting 60 mph in under 4 seconds using a top speed of 205 miles per hour.

With that sort of power comes a powerful hunger for gasoline.

Somewhere under the Porsche’s mid-installed motor, which rests back-to-right back with driver and passenger, is a container that holds 24.3 gallons of premium fuel – probably the store’s own high-octane fusion, in this instance – enough to maintain a big sedan taking a good long period, or a gas-chugging German supercar yelling and squealing to get a short one.



Rodas likely understood more Re about driving Porsches than anyone as an expert speed within a tank of gas —, he’d created his tag in the Porsche Cup Autos set during several years.

38-years-old, Walker had given up the German supercar circuit, but as CEO of Always Growing and captain of its rushing staff he was nonetheless contending and had simply driven his 2013 Kia Racing Boss 302 Mustang into 13th-place factors end in the 10-event Pirelli World Challenge GT-S. The year before ended second is ’dead by him.

Rodas (left) and Walker had satisfied at a racetrack years before; Rodas started out as Walker’s financial expert and driving mentor, a relationship that developed into a close camaraderie and fiscal partnership.

And anytime which you put a couple of experienced hotrodder buddies who haven’t seen each additional for awhile into a supercar on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Southern California, there may be the rate.


By three p.m. the ever evolving event — scheduled to go from 10 a.m. to FOUR p.m. — was coming to a close.

Everybody that was “ was winding down, that day Jim Torp, who spoke with several media shops, told E! News. “They decided to take simply for ” and were getting ready to park a Porsche

As the automobiles were being put away, an Always Growing employee was fighting to the get the thoroughbred Porsche backed into its steady – that much torsion requires a skilled foot, especially when in finicky reverse – therefore Rodas jumped in to park the car himself, TMZ noted Sunday night. He soon came upon Walker, who noted that ridden in his business associate’s GT that was new is never ’did by him.

Subsequently, Walker (pictured right) caught into the passenger’s side. Rodas required the Carerra outside of invert.


At 3:10 p.m., the Roadster pulled away from the parking lot. Out of the ordinary, with folks still lingering as workers continued supplying up the event, nothing looked for the next 20 moments.

At about 3:30 p.m., some witnesses remembered hearing what sounded like an explosion in the distance. Other attendees stated telephones started to ring the event – news was spreading there had been a wreck around. A plume of dark smoke, about a quarter-mile apart as the crow lures, showed them exactly where.

Fearing the worst, buddies, family members and workers of Constantly Growing jumped into their own autos, several armed with hearth extinguishers.

What they discovered was a dread. The Porsche, around a post, was wrapped on its get back trip from their joy-ride on hilly Street, “a street that was quiet with a 4-5-mph speed limit” near an enterprise park, the MANHATTAN PROJECT Occasions noted. Signs that are near-by warn drivers to decrease as they approach an uphill contour of the four-lane — the type of challenging sequence Rodas had deftly steered hundreds of times before.


Many witnesses reported that Walker could be seen by them unconscious, still strapped into his bucket-seat and burned. Rodas’ body was fully obscured.


“I need to have my cake and eat it, also, ” Walker informed the interviewer. “Live this life, that existence … who says you can’t have all of it? You only live one time; I want to get it all in.”

At age 40, Walker simply about had.

Although he never wed, Walker had A15-yearold daughter, Meadow, who from Hawaii had transferred in 2011 to California to be closer to her daddy. He had a producing deal of “ Rapid” pay checks to anticipate at many and Common years. He held a brown belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, fed his love for marine biology by volunteering to get a shark-tagging expedition and traveled the globe with Reach Out to lend a hand following earthquake disasters in Haiti and Chile.

But most importantly, Walker was a speed-freak. It was his automobiles he loved the most.


Paul Walker crash scene

In these first occasions of panic, a significant number of people attempted to aid.

explosion.display.shotAmong the first to appear was a childhood buddy of Paul’s called Newt, who emptied his fire extinguisher on the fire and at one point attempted to attain in to launch Walker’s seatbelt, TMZ documented Saturday night (a man is visible at the side of the auto in the screenshot, left, of a witness’ video obtained by TMZ). So overwrought was Newt that when firefighters finally came, the man struck on one as they strove to draw him apart.

Holmes, who identified himself as Walker pal, told a TMZ cameraman that at least seven fire extinguishers were emptied before firefighters arrived. Because they rejected to stop assisting several individuals were arrested,; all were eventually released.

One of those who firemen had to pull from the debris that was burning was Rodas’ son that was young; Torp informed the MANHATTAN PROJECT Times. He also said Walker’s daughter Field was there.

“They stored off his child to the side. Therefore she wouldn’t understand until they know what had occurred what was going about,” he informed E ! Information, revealed that  the 15-year-old “was in pieces.”


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Benefits Of Learning Spanish In A Foreign Country


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An added benefit to this is that you can travel to all countries that speak said language and use your new found skills in speaking.

It’s much easier to ask for directions and where things are if you know some of the local languages.

While you can learn foreign languages in your country of origin, chances are you’re going to be missing some of the proper pronunciations as well as some of the meaning behind key phrases and words.

It’s important to remember that our language doesn’t translate to another language as readily as it may seem.

Many languages leave out certain verbs or pronouns and the people are comfortable with this. It’s how it is, and there isn’t any reason to have them, however, it can make understanding a foreign language a bit more challenging.

Often we try to focus on exact translations when in fact, there is no exact translation. However, if you hang out with the locals, you’re going to naturally begin to pick up much of the language and key phrases.

Spanish is the first language in over 20 countries. Thus, there are at least 400 million persons around the world that speak Spanish.

It’s one fo the more common and more popular languages to know, and it can significantly increase your opportunities for friendships as well for employment.

A great method for learning another language is “immersion”. Here you will reside in the foreign country and immerse yourself in the culture of said country. You’ll learn through hanging out with others what the key phrases are and how to apply them when you’re speaking.

Over the course of time you’ll begin to pick things up, and as you hear them used in a sentence, you’ll be able to start to understand the sentences more and more.

Many people wonder if there is one area that seems to be easier to learn from than another. In short, many believe that learning while in such places as Costa Rica or Ecuador is perhaps the easier way to learn.

With a clear accent, these particular countries are renowned for their cultures and beauty and the people are wonderful and friendly. These two countries also tend to speak slower which is very helpful when trying to learn a new language. Often those who speak in a foreign language speak very rapidly, and it may be challenging at best to catch on to the key phrases.

Get to know someone from any foreign country and learn their language. This will help both of you in speaking as well as making new friends.

Keep in mind that it may take a few months to fully catch on and begin to be able to have a conversation in Spanish if English is your first language.

However, with due diligence and practice, it can be done and will become easier the more that you learn. Take every opportunity to speak your newfound language and practice. Ask for tips and pointers and be sure to ask for their secrets of how they learn to speak it so quickly and in not time you’ll be a pro.

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