Benefits Of Learning Spanish In A Foreign Country

Benefits Of Learning Spanish In A Foreign Country


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If you love to travel, and you often travel in foreign countries, why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language? If you take the time to learn a new language in its country of origin, you’re much more likely to learn to speak it right.

Locals speak in their dialects, however, much of a language remains the same. If you learn from a local, you’re going to be learning from those who already know the language, and likely speak it well.

An added benefit to this is that you can travel to all countries that speak said language and use your new found skills in speaking.

It’s much easier to ask for directions and where things are if you know some of the local languages.

While you can learn foreign languages in your country of origin, chances are you’re going to be missing some of the proper pronunciations as well as some of the meaning behind key phrases and words.

It’s important to remember that our language doesn’t translate to another language as readily as it may seem.

Many languages leave out certain verbs or pronouns and the people are comfortable with this. It’s how it is, and there isn’t any reason to have them, however, it can make understanding a foreign language a bit more challenging.

Often we try to focus on exact translations when in fact, there is no exact translation. However, if you hang out with the locals, you’re going to naturally begin to pick up much of the language and key phrases.

Spanish is the first language in over 20 countries. Thus, there are at least 400 million persons around the world that speak Spanish.

It’s one fo the more common and more popular languages to know, and it can significantly increase your opportunities for friendships as well for employment.

A great method for learning another language is “immersion”. Here you will reside in the foreign country and immerse yourself in the culture of said country. You’ll learn through hanging out with others what the key phrases are and how to apply them when you’re speaking.

Over the course of time you’ll begin to pick things up, and as you hear them used in a sentence, you’ll be able to start to understand the sentences more and more.

Many people wonder if there is one area that seems to be easier to learn from than another. In short, many believe that learning while in such places as Costa Rica or Ecuador is perhaps the easier way to learn.

With a clear accent, these particular countries are renowned for their cultures and beauty and the people are wonderful and friendly. These two countries also tend to speak slower which is very helpful when trying to learn a new language. Often those who speak in a foreign language speak very rapidly, and it may be challenging at best to catch on to the key phrases.

Get to know someone from any foreign country and learn their language. This will help both of you in speaking as well as making new friends.

Keep in mind that it may take a few months to fully catch on and begin to be able to have a conversation in Spanish if English is your first language.

However, with due diligence and practice, it can be done and will become easier the more that you learn. Take every opportunity to speak your newfound language and practice. Ask for tips and pointers and be sure to ask for their secrets of how they learn to speak it so quickly and in not time you’ll be a pro.

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